Lucky Dip!

Ahmedabad is, arguably, the most amazing city in India! Blessed with gorgeous textiles, and a variety of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. After reading about it- you’ll want to travel there as well!

I would like to start a new aspect of my blog that introduces random cities around the world, some you may have heard of, others you may not have! I love reading and finding out about new places primarily away from the typical capital cities, and tourist hotspots. Each city is picked at total random, I hope you enjoy!

Ahmedabad, India; quite a mouthful isn’t it! Before today, I had never heard of this place, but after researching and reading about it, I’ve learnt how fascinating aImage result for Ahmedabadnd gorgeous it really is! Ahmedabad offers scrumptious street food, stylish shopping and ornate architecture. the most prominent features being the amazing array of textiles on offer and the incredible architecture of some of their most valued and ancient temples. Interestingly enough, Ahmedabad, has officially become India’s first heritage city by UNESCO.
Tourists have spoken of some concern in terms of pickpockets, but exercise normal safety precautions and you will surely fall in love with this destination. Others warn of the intense heat and humidity, and suggests travelling in winter and/or wearing light clothing.
A real draw card for Ahmedabad is its sunsets and photography. The cultural, historical and natural attractions reinforce its appeal to a wide variety of tourists. Just some incredible attraction on offer include; Akshardham Temple, ‘Sat-Chit-Anand Water’ show, the 900-year old Image result for ahmedabad tourismModhera Sun Temple, and the Sabarmati Ashram and Kankaria Lake. For those who opt to dwell in shops, Ahmedabad will not disappoint you, its incredible industrial growth in the textile industry has not gone unnoticed, thus markets and shops bless your eyes with a truly gorgeous array of colours and fabrics, with plenty of opportunities to barter as well.
I must admit, India; although the food melts my heart,  never quite made the cut for my ‘top ten travel destinations’, but after reading about Ahmedabad, I think I need to take another look! It has so much to offer, and sounds truly amazing, with an enormous variety of options for every tourist!

Have you ever been to Ahmedabad?  If so, please comment below- I would love to hear your experience there and what your favourite part was! Also, please like and subscribe for more posts! Peace out,
Hippie 🙂  

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