Ahhh Cambodia!

Third world and full of love- Cambodia tugs at the heart strings!

My two weeks in Cambodia, exploring the ancient temples, meeting amazing and friendly people, and eating some of the best food that I have ever eaten. Below are just a couple of my memories from Cambodia- good and, well, different ocambodia-lake-viewnes! 🙂

The first day was by far the most exhausting, straight off the plane, bus ride to get our temple passes- keep in mind that when travelling to Cambodia, in Siem Reap, you must get a temple pass to visit the temples. After the passes were collected, it was straight to the incredible Ankgor Wat. Angkor is incredible to say the least- IT IS HUGE!!!!!With its gorgeous, rich history, and is Cambodia’s pride and joy as evident  with Angkor Wat being featured on their countries flag.

My first day in Cambodia was also my first time eating ‘ant stir fry’- yum!! Aside from picking the ants out of my teeth, it tasted pretty damn good! Throughout the two weeks we had plenty of opportunities to taste some, ‘different’ foods. I can also proudly say that I ate tarantula! However, as much as I love my food, there was one ‘delicacy’, that I could not bring myself to eat. It had been a long day and we were on a bus ride back from a zoo, it was particularly hot and we were bumping our way down a dirt road, waving to a family of five on one motorbike- yes, ONE MOTORBIKE. All of a sudden our guide pulled us to the side of the road and we watched as he walked up to one of the road side stalls, we were all excited, at first thinking he was going to pick up some fruit, or get us to try something interesting, but delicious… boy we were wrong-ish. All of a sudde73d992cd0a1af335a75f9f64e8113e1c--cambodia-beaches-cambodia-islandsn our guide was walking up the bus with a horrific smell following him and as I realised what he was holding, I tried to hide my disgust, he was literally offering frog on a stick. I suppose this stemmed from Cambodia’s French history! Our guide was definitely a comedian and was laughing hysterically as one by one everyone held their nose and refused a taste. Until one of my friends piped up and said, ‘Chuck us one here!’ Everyone looked in shock as our guide held the grey frogs towards her and waiting for her to choose between a skewer with a large frog, or another with three smaller ones, but why choose hey, she just took both. She claimed that you couldn’t taste it, and that it tasted lemony, with the only bad part being the crunchy bones, I still don’t regret not trying those frogs.

Siem Reap was by far my favourite place, I don’t know whether it was the fact that we had stayed there the longest or not, but I cannot wait to go back. We spent most of our nights walking through the night markets, we even made friends with one girl, our age, who was running her stall for her mum that night. The lady boys at the night markets were definitely interesting as well, might I suggest not accepting their cheap massages… you might get a little more than you bargained for! The lady boys were a lot of fun though, one nigcambodia_Phnom_Penh_palace_highlightht we went to a different night market and we ended up dancing in the street with them- not all are bad!

Aside from the many learning experiences in Cambodia, the incredible memories, the beautiful people, and its rich history combine, making my favourite country in the world, I can’t wait to go back!

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Peace out,

Hippie 🙂

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