Volunteer Organisations that I love!

Below are some of the most amazing organizations, one of them I have had the pleasure of visiting, others I haven’t. These places are not necessarily cities or attractions, but amazing opportunities run by extraordinary people that allow you to make a difference to those around you and will undoubtedly leave you with a new found sense of life. I love volunteering, and after a life changing trip to Cambodia, I have vowed that wherever possible, every country I go to I will do something to give back to that place, whether it is helping wildlife, or going to a school, I want to do it.

  1. Habitat for humanity- http://habitat.org.au/

Habitat for Humanity is an all-round inspiring organisation, they are present in a number of countries in Asia Pacific, and it is a truly fantastic opportunity for volunteers! Their vision is: “A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. With work extending beyond building and repairing houses – but also addressing land security, gives communities access to clean water and sanitation, provides education and tr201610-Indonesia-volunteer-960x363-n2jgzsjki3yazk4kybblcjx4vorph5sp02l7ybjtbi.pngaining, and offers families in desperate need real hope for the future.” Habitat for Humanity gives you a great opportunity to build homes for those less fortunate, providing them with more independence, safety and happiness. It is also a fantastic opportunity to work as a team, forming bonds and friendships, and doing something amazing for yourself, ‘lose yourself in the service of others’. I know I will be remembering them next time I am going overseas!

  1. TREAK community centre Cambodia- https://treakcommunitycentre.org/

This organisation holds a special place in my heart, I would go back to Cambodia just to visit it again! TREAK is a small school, that provides huge possibilities! There has been some contention in the past about orphanages and scams in Cambodia, but I have been here, and I have met the beautiful people that run TREAK and it truly is trustworthy and so very, very special! Their motto is, “creating opportunities, not dependency”, and that could not be more evident. Someone told me when I went to Cambodia that ‘Cambodians change Cambodia, the rest of the world doesn’t’, TREAK supports this immensely, helpingimg_2930 out wherever they can with the surrounding community, they’ve given some jobs to the locals, and also built huts in the surrounding community, providing, not only a place to live, but also income for those families as they also run a home stay program. They do have some very reasonable guidelines for visitors at TREAK that you definitely should read up on, but they are always welcoming and appreciate any help that they can get. TREAK really is incredible and like I previously said, the owners are just as amazing, they are always looking for donations, and welcoming volunteers! The best experience I had in Cambodia was the two days I spent at TREAK!

  1. Green school Bali- https://www.greenschool.org/

INSPIRING! That is the word that comes to mind when I think of this school. Green School Bali is not necessarily a charity venture, they are incredibly self-sufficient and immensely beneficial to the community around them. Although there are no prominent volunteering ventures they welcome visitors with open arms to come in and learn about the importance of the environment and about ow amazing the world really is. Why have I included it? this place is incredible, I stumbled upon it online one day and I was wpid-20150314_184138_resize_20150314_1842101.jpgamazed that in a globally recognised underprivileged country, such an incredible organization existed. I cannot wait for my next trip to Bali, because this school is quite frankly at the top of my bucket list. Not only are they providing an education to children, helping them to get jobs in the future, they are teaching them the most important thing in this world; our environment, and more specifically, how to ensure we can sustain it. I urge you to take a look at this place and the next time you are in Bali- it a must see destination! Not to mention donate, the environment really is important and these teachers are ensuring that the younger generations can grow up and sustain such a beautiful, precious thing!!


These are just three of some of the most terrific organizations around the world, I urge you to check out their websites, and give them a follow/ share their facebook/Instagram pages with others. Encourage others to seek out these opportunities and help others!  Please leave a comment down below if you know of some other organizations and your experiences, I would love to hear about them, and also like and subscribe if you would like to read some more of my posts! Thanks! Peace out,

 Hippie! 🙂

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