Underrated Europe!

Back and at it again with just 3, of Europe’s most unknown/underrated towns and cities! These places are unique, quirky and beautiful, You would be crazy to not add them to your next trip to Europe!

  1. Èze France: Gorgeous is an understatement! This elegant old fashioned slice of France is absolutely breath taking. Its cobbled streets, ornate gardens, and old buildings are truly magical, with its sheer cliffs treating you with a stunning view of the ocean. In South-eastern France, it is only a short drive from the bustling city of Nice. Although it is already somewhat touristy, it is still insanely gorgeous. The best time to visit is in the off season, Easter, but honestly it is magical either way. France is famous for its food and Eze doesn’t let that standard down. In between pastries and coffees, Eze also plays host to a number of water sports and activities if the medieval streets aren’t enough to quench your thirst. This place has definitely found its way onto my bucket list!eze
  2. Graz, Austria: Definitely relatively unknown, but nonetheless amazing and stunning! Austria is such a lovely, gorgeous country, and Graz is the perfect embellishment of that! The town hill is truly magical, in the midst of baroque architecture, bustling streets and intricate cafés and restaurants, a small hill towers over, filled with lush greenery and the lonely clock tower- it’s simply extraordinary! Graz is definitely architecturally attractive, with its unique museum and open town centre, Graz is no place to be missed! Visit https://www.graztourismus.at/en/see-and-do/sightseeing/sights for more info!o-MAASTRICHT-NETHERLANDS-570.jpg
  3. Maastricht, The Netherlands: Again, filled with architecture and beauty, Maastricht is a must see city! It is blessed with an immense, rich history, that definitely stands their culture and architecture apart from the rest of Europe. Filled with an abundance of cathedrals and historical buildings, not to mention the many outstanding restaurants, it really is Europe’s gem! The best part, it is not far from Belgium! A day trip would suffice but you must truly immerse yourself in this gorgeous city, you may find me there for a week!!

Have you been to any of these places? Where they as amazing as they sound? Please like and leave a comment down below, thanks for reading! Peace out,

Hippie 🙂

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