I hope one day I can travel to Syria!

Once gorgeous, full of life, with amazing architecture. Now terrorized, and almost destroyed.

The few people that I have spoken to that were fortunate enough to have travelled to Syria, speak of its awe inspiring beauty, and the lovely, welcoming people of Syria. I hope that one day I can walk the streets of Damascus. That I can gasp at the sight of the Citadel1445103242817.jpg in Aleppo. I hope that I can tour around Syria, as I can in other parts of the world, without the fear of terrorists, without seeing the crumbling structures, and without seeing the innocent people starving and scared for their lives. It’s hard to believe that this could ever be possible, particularly now. But it makes me think about previous wars, for example, world war 2, did people alive at the time ever think that they would be able to freely travel to Germany and France? I just hope that one day, in the near future, I can travel to Syria, and Iraq etc., with the present day’s situation being nothing but a bad, distant memory.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to travel to Syria, or to its neighbouring countries before the terrifying reign of terrorism, I would love to hear your experiences and favourite destinations, please comment below! I know this is only a short post but before-after-war-photos-aleppo-syria-fb1__700.jpgthe reality is, nowadays, the only things we hear about that part of the world is about terrorism, not about their attractions, so I will admit it, I don’t know a lot about Syria, but I do hope that one day I can travel there and learn more. Please like and subscribe for some more of my blog posts. Peace out,

Hippie 🙂

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